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Cape Peninsula Adventures

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Cape Peninsula Adventure
Cape Point, Cape Town
Experience the natural beauty and splendour of the Cape Peninsula and Cape Point

Cape Peninsula Adventure Tours

Hout Bay from Chapmans Peak - Cape Peninsula Adventure Tour

The Cape Peninsula – Africa’s most southwestern tip, spans across one of the most breathtaking scenic landscapes in the world.

It stretches from the iconic Table Mountain in the north, to the Cape Point Nature Reserve in the south; where it juts out for 75km into the endless Atlantic Ocean. Only here, at the legendary Cape Agulhas, can the meeting place of two vast oceans be viewed in all its natural splendour.

Our amazing Cape Peninsula Adventure Tour packages will guide you through world-renowned winelands where you can enjoy a remarkable winetasting experience, and explore its most captivating vineyards. There is an absolutely limitless amount of adventure activities and places to explore along the beautiful Cape Peninsula.

Our Cape Point Adventure Tour will take you on a thrilling adventure through the only destination in the world where you can see wild ostriches running free on the white, sandy beaches of the Cape. You have to see it for yourself!

Enquire now and our passionate, experienced guides will lead you through this natural haven, of fynbos and indigenous fauna. Just remember – don’t feed the baboons!