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Kite Surfer doing a rail grab Cape Town

Kitesurfing in Cape Town

Cape Kitesurfing on a perfect day

Kitesurfing, the extreme surface water sport; is fast becoming the most popular craze amongst adrenalin junkies and nature lovers worldwide. And where best to practice this heart-racing sport than at one of the world’s leading kitesurfing hotspotsCape Town!!

Dolphin Beach, Blaauwberg provides the perfect platform for this sport against the breathtaking image of Table Mountain. If sideshore winds are what your board is craving, then look no further!

Freestyle the South Easterly winds of Dolphin Beach and experience radically exhilarating air time and of course, the ultimate natural high.

Visiting the warm waters of the Langebaan Lagoon, a West Coast kitesurfer’s paradise, is an absolute, "must." Here you can surf, the "Cape Doctor," winds - guaranteed to cure all your adrenalin deficiencies.

Check out our all-equipped kitesurfing packages and we’ll demonstrate how gravity can be defied. Whether you’re a regular, "Charlie Browner," or an adventurous novice, with these awesome packages, you can ride the same winds that the pros do.